Products & Services

Our Financial Advisers are able to provide product solutions in all areas of the financial services industry, including Risk & Investment, Corporate Benefits, Health Solutions, Group Schemes, Short Term, Fiduciary Services e.g. Wills, Education, Specialist Estate Planning and Structuring, Executorships & Trusts

It is important that our Financial Advisers have access to a wealth of expertise and specialist services which support their role as the custodian of the Client relationship.
From our past experience in dealing with Retail Affluent Clients which is our identified target market, we believe it pertinent to give the Client access to the following resources, although it must be noted that our services extend beyond these listed and suggested below. Our Legal and Product Specialists can assist with information which can support, protect and grow anything from a single Client, a Family Business, and a Small to Medium Enterprise or Corporate Business. Our specialist team is available to discuss amongst other:

More than just Products but Solutions

We strive for Simplicity; believing many Life Insurance and Financial Companies have made the mistake of becoming too complex; this extends to both their Product and their Service offering. We believe that Clients don’t need Products per say, they rather have a specific need or associated risk that Money Wise must firstly understand, and then propose an appropriate Solution for.