Choosing our Partners 

Our Financial Advisers - Through Money Wise, our intention is to showcase the best of what our Financial Advisers have to offer.
In light of this, we contract with highly reputable, experienced and successful Financial Advisers only. Our Financial Advisers are our partners
and they are carefully selected and approached if it is believed they mirror our values of openness, warmth and success orientation.
They have to be ethical in their practices and honest in their communication to both their Clients and with ourselves.


Money Wise believe that success for a Client is reliant on a long term relationship with a reputable, informed (trained & skilled) Financial Adviser
that is built on trust and integrity, so as to manage through the mine field of complexity and opportunity. Financial Advisers associated with Money Wise
are like Curators; look up the term Curator in the dictionary; it refers to a person who works in a museum and is responsible for items of value,  
how true is this definition of our Financial Advisers, they deal with items of great value, our Clients.